All the Philthy Fellas did it big this year. Check out this Phil-sized edit, clocking in at nearly 10mins, recapping what went down in 2013. (by Philthy Films)



Sixteen year old Declan Murray is something else. He came up on the scene in Charlotte not long ago with his unique style and natural ability to ride a bike. Declan made the move from South Africa a while back, and has made an memorable name for his self around the area….Introducing Declan Murray. - Phil

Filmed and edited by Phil Jones

Phil has a new edit up Declan Murray. Check it out for sure.

Phil gets real Philthy with this one. It doesn’t get much more gnarly than this.


Throwback footgage from 2004 - 2005. Mostly filmed in NC and SC with a few clips in Florida. Thanks to Nik Pawlak for going deep into the video files and filming this. Enjoy !

The beards have been collected. The photo with the most likes on December 8th wins.

3rd Annual Novembeard Contest

Today marks the start of our 3rd annual Novembeard contest. Most of you who have followed us for a while know how this works, but for those that don’t, I’ll break it down.

Starting today, November 1st uninhibited facial hair growth shall commence.

For the duration of the month of November, trimming or shaving is strongly discouraged.

Already existing facial hair growth will be allowed.

To enter the contest, at the end of the month, take a photo of your Novembeard growth and send it to by December 1st. All photos will then be compiled into an album on our Facebook page where they can be voted on simply by “liking” your favorite beard photo.

The beard with the most likes by 12:01am December 8th will be declared the winner.

2012 Novembeard will get hooked up with some free Mindset Gear and hold the title of Novembeard 2012 Champ.

We had some awesome beard submission for the past two years. Lets make it happen again for 2012.

Happy Growing. -T

The Hindes Brothers have been up to some good stuff lately. Keep an eye on Prism Motorcycle Co..

If you haven’t seen Zach’s latest edit you are missing out. If you have, your already watching it again.

Phil Jones means business.

Mindset-reppers and all around good dudes Zach Rogers and Phil Jones put together this sweet lil piece from there recent trip to NY/NJ/PA. Brought to you by Eastern Bikes.

Nothing can hold up to Phil’s abuse. Phil Smash!

Seamus & Ding-Ding, Doin’ Nice.

Mindset homies getting it done. Filmed & Edited by Zachary Rogers